Having been born in 1989 at the cusp of the so-called generation of digital natives, my life moved hand in hand with the expansion of global media and the proliferation of digital technologies. As someone who concurrently experienced the Bosnian war, I was able to cultivate a critical engagement with this past, in part due to having naturalized in The Netherlands in my early childhood.

I have experienced a culturally and geographically diverse upbringing. Situated off and on between Europe’s East and West, it was characterized both by a sense of loss and political disunity on the one hand, and the promise of connectivity and transformation with the rise of the World Wide Web on the other. I have learned to recognize this fragmented perspective as an integral part of my worldview and artistic expression.

The politics of perception; the interrelation between power and knowledge and its subsequent visually mediated production and reception - these topics are subjected to an ongoing examination in my work. This interest reflects more broadly in my engagements with matters like violence and representation, vision and memory, politics and technology; how they relate to one another and how these forces come to influence our understanding of what is considered actual and virtual.

I have engaged with these subjects extensively in my work using a variety of formats spanning film, video and installation, performance, lectures and writings.

Miloš Trakilović